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New membranes and advanced materials for wastewater treatment.


New membranes and advanced materials for wastewater treatment.

Ed. by Anja Mueller et al.

American Chemical Society


259 pages



ACS symposium series; 1022


The symposium was sponsored by the Division of Environmental Chemistry at the Society's spring 2008 meeting in New Orleans. Mostly chemists, but also biological scientists and engineers, describe materials and membranes designed to help clean and reuse water as profligate water use spreads from the over-industrial to newly industrial societies. Among their topics are removing endocrine disrupting contaminants from water using macroporous molecularly imprinted selective media, copper ion exchange studies of local (in Turkey) zeolitic tuffs, the impact of calcium on struvite precipitation from anaerobically digested dairy wastewater, the design of microsieves and microsieve processes for suspension fractionation, modifying the surface of polyamide reverse osmosis membranes with hydrophilic dendritic polymers, and Ti02 nanowire free-standing membrane for concurrent filtration and photocatalytic oxidation water treatment. Distributed in the US by Oxford University Press.

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