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New magazine launches Oct. 1: Woodworking Network.

New things are happening at Woodworking Network. In April this year we completed a comprehensive study to learn more about the woodworking professional.

What we found out is woodworkers have more in common than differences. Even when we looked at volume producers vs. smaller custom shops they shared the same characteristics:

* You love being a woodworker because its creative and your work makes customers happy.

* It's a tough way to make a living but you are always looking for new ways to make it easier.

* You use all types of media to find new products and solutions.

* Your top choices for finding information are trade magazines, woodworking websites, e-newsletters and trade shows.

We also found that the number of volume wood product producers is decreasing and custom is increasing. The research showed 83% semi to all custom products vs. 17% volume producers.

All of this helped us decide to once again change with the marketplace and offer a brand new magazine ... Woodworking Network. The new magazine will keep the great content you love from Custom Woodworking Business and Wood Products but will expand its coverage into key market segments such as Cabinets, Architectural Woodwork, Panel Processing, Finishing Operations, Technology, New Products and so much more!

The new magazine will be delivered to more than 63,000 woodworkers, the largest database in the industry.

Additionally, Woodworking Network will be printed on better paper, and it will have a spine.



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Title Annotation:NEWS & VIEWS
Comment:New magazine launches Oct. 1: Woodworking Network.(NEWS & VIEWS)
Author:Didier, Laurel
Publication:Wood Products
Date:Sep 1, 2014
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