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New logo set by Cap Cities/ABC and Electronic Arts for software.

SAN MATEO, Cal.--ABC/EA Home Software, the joint venture formed last December between Capital Cities/ABC and Electronic Arts, is undergoing a name change to build awareness around the company's education, family reference, and children's entertainment software products.

The new company logo, which made its debut at E3, will be emblazoned across the 25 previously released EA/Kids titles. Six new Creative Wonders titles will be available in time for the 1995 holiday season: Madeline and the Magnificent Puppet Show, Elmo's Preschool, two titles for the ABC World Reference line, and two titles for the ABC Schoolhouse Rock series.

"In joining forces, both Electronic Arts and Capital Cities/ ABC intended the joint venture to develop a strong identity of its own, including a new name, that would clearly reflect the quality product we produce," said Greg Bestick, Creative Wonders president.

"The name Creative Wonders reflects the engaging experiences found in catch of our products--experiences that excite the emotions, stimulate learning, and provide entertaining, yet valuable lessons."

Narrated by Christopher Plummer, Madeline and the Magnificent Puppet Show stars the widely known children's book heroine, who after 55 years, has become a widely licensed character in dolls, games and videos.

Four more children's titles, Free Willy, Bump in the Night, and two more Schoolhouse Rock titles, are coming in early 1996. Creative Wonders titles carry suggested retail prices of $49.95.

While the company will continue to borrow largely from ABC network programming, Creative Wonders is also continuing to seek outside content sources.

The company recently released two additional titles resulting from its development alliance with Children's Television Workshop: Sesame Street: Letters and Sesame Street: Let's Make A Word! Creative Wonder's first Sesame Street title, Sesame Street: Numbers, was released in November 1994.
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Date:May 15, 1995
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