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New liquid nitrogen dosing valve maximises material cost savings.

Demand for food and beverage companies to maximise the use of lightweight packaging, optimising material savings, has led to the most advanced liquid nitrogen dosing valve available only from Vacuum Barrier. Vacuum Barrier recently redesigned their liquid nitrogen dosing valve to address customers with delicate packaging and or products that were not able to realise the benefits of liquid nitrogen injection; material cost savings, package strength to eliminate panelling and palletising problems, extend product shelf life and maintain product taste, colour and freshness. The new advanced dosing valve delivers pure, single phase liquid nitrogen ensuring the greatest accuracy, precision dosing to meet the most stringent specifications and the lowest delivery pressure available to minimise splashing. Vacuum Barriers advanced dosing valve is available on their full line of Nitrodose[R] liquid nitrogen injection equipment; Nitrodose[R] Easy Doser, Multiple Speed Valve and Aseptic units. The variety of liquid nitrogen injection equipment allows Vacuum Barrier to provide customers with a unit that is guaranteed to meet their packaging needs. All Vacuum Barrier systems provide the lowest liquid nitrogen consumption with the highest efficiency vacuum insulation, PLC controls and are designed with rounded edges to promote the greatest level of cleanliness.

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Title Annotation:PACKAGING
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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