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New laundry room device initiates call for service.

A new remote control device for coinoperated washers and dryers that instantly recognizes machine malfunctions and immediately dispatches a service technician was recently unveiled by Coinmach InduStries Co.

This newest technological breakthrough will significantly reduce equipment downtime, maximize machine availability for end users and help increase profits for residential building owners, according to Jan Sussman, president of the Roslyn, New Yorkbased laundry service company.

"For the first time, the consumer no longer needs to be a part of the service cycle," Sussman said. 'Machine malfunctions that typically go unreported for up to several days will now be repaired in a matter of hours."

In-addition to vastly improving the service cycle, the new system, dubbed Coinmach A.L.E.R.T. (Automated Laundry Early Response Technology) also monitors and alters wash cycles, records coin revenues, resets prices, tracks usage and even identifies an unplugged machine; all via a telephone line link to the firm's central computer system.

Because the device transmits signals over telephone lines, residents can call and receive up-to-the-minute information on machine availability in their building's laundry room. No more waiting with a basket of dirty wash foz a machine.

When a Coinmach A.L.E.R,T. signa] is received, the information is automatically processed and simultaneousl} forwarded to the nearest service technician via computer. This allows the service technician to proceed to th| location faster, armed with specific knowledge of what problems need to be corrected.

"This revolutionary. breakthrough, coupled with Coinmach's guaranteed nine-hour service response will further ensure that repairs are made quickly and efficiently," Sussman said. "Coinmach A.L.E.R.T. creates a win-win situation for both residents and building owners. Residents can enjoy the kind of laundry room they expect and management no longer has to take responsibility for initiating the repair process."
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Title Annotation:Property Management/Improvement; Section I; Coinmach Industries Co. introduces remote control device for coin-operated washers and dryers
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Article Type:Product Announcement
Date:Feb 24, 1993
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