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New integrated asbestos service.

New integrated asbestos service

Halliwell Engineering Associates, Inc., has introduced a new Asbestos Architect/Engineer (A/E) Program, an integrated service program designed to reduce costs in renovation projects involving asbestos removal.

According to Halliwell president, Jack L. Halliwell, P.E., the service fills the gaps between asbestos consultants and architectural/engineering firms during renovation projects. The program combines renovation and asbestos abatement work, while eliminating the redundancy in design and construction overhead, which is inherent in multiple contracts.

"This program is designed to significantly reduce the costs of renovation projects requiring asbestos removal, by integrating the renovation work with asbestos abatement," stated Halliwell.
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Title Annotation:Halliwell Engineering Associates Inc.
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
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Date:Nov 20, 1991
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