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New ingredients for I&I.

Here is a list of new ingredients for industrial and institutional cleaners that have been introduced by suppliers during the past 12 months. For more information about the ingredients listed here, contact the supplier directly.
* Avecia Protection & Hygiene
Manchester, England, UK
Tel: (44) 161 721 1813

* Avecia Inc.
Wilmington, DE
Tel: (302) 477-8000, (800) 435-8679

Vantocil IB

Description: Highly effective preservative
based on polyhexamethylene biguanide
Applications: Oil-in-water and water-in-oil
emulsions, household products, silicone
systems, cellulose solutions, and other
water based industrial products
Use levels: 0.01-0.5% depending upon substrate
Comments: Avecia Technical Service
Group can help customers determine
appropriate use level.

Vantocil P

Description: A technical active based on
polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride
used to formulate disinfectants and
Applications: concentrates or ready-to-use
disinfectants and sanitizers requiring
high activity in hard water and dirty conditions
Use levels: Varies depending upon the
Comments: Avecia Technical Service
Group can help customers determine
appropriate use level.

Proxel GXL

Description: An efficient, proven microbiostat
preservative based on 1,2-benzisotbiazolin-3-one
Applications: household products, emulsions,
latices and a wide range of other
water-based products.
Use levels: 0.05-0.25% depending upon
Comments: Avecia Technical Service
Group can help customers determine
appropriate use level.

* Croda Inc.
Parsippany, NJ
Tel: (973) 644-4900
Fax: (973) 644-9222


Description: sodium heptonates/boroheptonates
Applications: liquid detergents, bottle
Use levels: 0.5-2%
Comments: Excellent sequestration power
over a broad range of metal ions, EDTA-free
and readily biodegradable.

* DuPont Chemicals
Wilmington, DE
Tel: (302) 992-5293
Fax: (302) 993-5084

Forafac and Foraperle

Description: fluorosurfactants and fluoroprotectants
Applications: surfactants in I&I waxes
and cleaners and stain repellants for stone,
tile, carpet, wood and textile
Use levels: Forafac--0.01 to 0.5%;
Comments: These two product lines were
acquired from Atochem on Sept. 3 and will
be added to the existing line of Zonyl fluorosurfactants
and fluoroprotectants.

* DuPont Nylon Intermediates,
Specialties & Polymers
Orange, TX
Tel: (409) 882-3720
Fax: (409) 886-9100

Glutaric Acid

Description: glutaric acid
Applications: hard surface cleaners,
metal polishes, general purpose cleaners
Use levels: various
Comments: Glutaric acid, a five-carbon
aliphatic dicarboxylic acid, is highly soluble
in water, giving formulators ease of
handling and broader formulating capabilities.
It exhibits good chelating properties,
yet is mild to minimize corrosion concerns.
Although not registered as an active agent,
glutaric acid exhibits virucidal activity.
Available as a 50% aqueous solution.


Description: mixture of diisobutyl succinate,
glutarate and adipate
Applications: hard surface cleaners, hand
cleaners, nail polish remover, general-purpose
Use levels: various
Comments: DBE-IB is a low toxicity,
biodegradable ester solvent featuring very
low odor and excellent hydrolytic stability.
It may be used alone, blended with other
solvents or formulated into emulsions/
microemulsions for various cleaning applications.
Meets California LVP-VOC
requirements for consumer products.

Corfree MI

Description: C10-C12 diacid mixture
Applications: corrosion inhibitor for aqueous
industrial cleaners
Use levels: 0.25-1.0%
Comments: Provides excellent, economical
ferrous corrosion protection for alkaline
cleaners. Can be formulated as amine
salts, potassium salts or sodium salts.

* ISP Corp.
Wayne, NJ
Tel: (973) 628-3610
Fax: (973) 872-1583, (973) 628-3999

Disintex-200; Disintex-600

Description: cellulose polyvinyl polypyrrolidone
Applications: Disintex 200-dishwashing
and household cleaning tablets; Disintex
600-laundry detergent tablets
Use levels: 2-6%
Comments: Safe and cost-effective tablet
disintegrant blends optimized for dishwashing,
household and laundry tablets.

* Pilot Chemical Co.
Red Bank, NJ
Tel: (732) 576-1900
Fax: (732) 530-0844

Calfoam DS-604

Description: sodium alkyl aryl ether sulfate
Applications: institutional laundry detergents
Use levels: 20-60%
Comments: High efficiency, low foaming,
cost-effective detergent active ingredient.

* Rohm and Haas Company
Philadelphia, PA
Tel: (215) 592-6855
Fax: (215) 592-2178

Neolone M-10 Preservative

Description: methyl isothiazolinone
Applications: high pH formulations up to
pH 12, all-purpose liquid cleaners
Use levels: 0.0050 to 0.11% C50 to 100
ppm actives as supplied.

* Seppic
Paris, France
Tel: (33) 1 40 62 55 59
Fax: (32) 1 40 62 52 53


Description: Cimicifuga racemose extract
Applications: anti-aging care products--mature
skin care, restructuring care, "anti-actinic
aging" care, anti-aging hair care
Use levels: 0.1-0.5%
Comments: Plant extract derived from
Chinese tradition, it has a double anti-aging
performance; it is used to fight
photo-induced aging and hormonal aging.


Description: Combination of active olive
polyphenols and manganese gluconate
Applications: "anti-pollution" care, "antiaging"
care, "anti-stress" care, "soothing"
Use levels: 0.5% to 3%
Comments: It offers the skin a new "life
force" to fight the ravages of pollution.

Sepifeel One

Description: Palmitoyl proline (and) magnesium
palmitoylglutamate (and) sodium
palmitoyl sarcosinate
Applications: pearlescent spray, liquid
talc, firming "body velvet"
Use levels: 0.5% to 2%
Comments: Sepifeel One is a lipo-compatible
sensory enhancer. It is a complete texturizing
agent: gives "body" to the formula,
rich and creamy texture and also improve
the visual appearance of the product (perfect
fineness and whiteness). Sepifeel One
has also shown to play a major role in the
dispersion and stabilization of fillers and
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