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New in my store.

Name: Harry Goraya

Name of store: Nisa Local

Location: Gravesend, Kent Type of store: C-store and PO

Main supplier: Nisa-Today's

How often do you get new lines in? Just prior to launch. We're in the Nisa initiative First For New, which means that whenever there's anything new to be launched we are sent an email to tell us what will be arriving in the next order.

What new products have you started stocking recently? Rockstar Fruit Punch and the new Kit Kats. We've also had the new Volvic Apple and Volvic Cloudy Lemonade and they have been going quite well. The Cloudy Lemonade didn't come with too much PoS -- I expect that to really take off when I get some more PoS for it.

Is any one product selling particularly well? The new Kit Kats were a letdown in terms of lack of stock. We virtually ran out within the first few weeks and haven't been able to get any since. We've had people coming in from quite far afield looking for them. Another thing that took off really well was the Colman's Season & Shake. We did an interesting instore demonstration with a representative from Colman's, which really helped sales.

Is any product selling particularly badly? Not really. With the way my manager manages the store and the way we use our ePoS, we make sure we monitor our sales closely and generally speaking we make sure we keep a close eye on our core top 20 products.

Are there any products you have your eye on at the moment? The new Lucozade British Mixed Berries drink. It's got a good flavour and it will link well with the Olympics. I am expecting that to be very popular.


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Title Annotation:dialogue with Harry Goraya of Nisa Local
Comment:New in my store.(dialogue with Harry Goraya of Nisa Local)
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Date:Mar 31, 2012
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