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New in my store.

Name: Alkesh Pankhania

Name of store: Best-one, Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey

Main suppliers: Best-one Direct, Bestway, P&H, Booker

How often do you get new products in? Weekly. I look at new products through press magazines, and suppliers approach us directly.

What new products have you started stocking recently? Nestle's My Purple Bar, Lucozade Cola. I'm always looking at new products from the Best-in range of Bestway's own label. They sell very well and are very competitively priced.

How did you find out about them? Through reps visiting the store.

Is any one product selling particularly well and why? Windsor Blue King Size and JPS Blue King Size are outselling regular brands. Energy drinks are also doing very well.

Is any product selling particularly badly and why? No, I'm very careful about what I introduce. If the marketing is right then a product will do well. I tend to double-site new launches. My staff are very good at selling new lines we've introduced. With some products, such as own-brand Best-in lines, I get the staff to try them so they know what they taste like.

Have you delisted any products recently? Not recently, but I keep a close eye on slow sellers. I'm about to delist Lucozade Cola as it hasn't moved. Wispa Gold is probably going to go, too.

Are there any other products you've got your eye on? This time of year there are a lot of new launches, which I will be keeping a lookout for. I find the sooner new launches are on the shelves, the better, especially with big brands.


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Title Annotation:Alkesh Pankhania speaks about his store
Comment:New in my store.(Alkesh Pankhania speaks about his store)
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Date:Jan 28, 2012
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