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New iDapt(TM) Progressive Lens From iZon Is Proven For Quick And Easy Adaptability.

Manufactured exclusively by free-form technology for optimal precision and clarity

VISTA, Calif., Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As progressive eyeglass lenses grow in popularity, there are an overwhelming number of lens choices with each promising a new and better design. Ophthonix, makers of the cutting-edge iZon Lenses, has identified a key problem commonly faced by progressive lens wearers and has set out to solve it for them. This problem is that some wearers face an undesirable period of adaptation to a new pair of progressive lenses resulting in patient frustration and repeat visits to their optometrist. iDapt dramatically reduces this adaption problem.

iZon Lenses have always been about optimizing a patient's visual experience, thus improving quality of life. By creating a progressive lens designed specifically to minimize adaptation time, iZon is enabling patients to get back to their everyday activities more quickly.

In two separate masked wearer studies for iZon iDapt and a leading progressive lens known for its adaptability, 78% of previous progressive lens wearers felt they easily adapted to the iDapt lens within a day. In fact, 20% of wearers felt they could not adapt to the leading competitor, while just 4% of wearers felt that way about the iDapt lens. In this same study, 75% of wearers preferred iDapt to their previous pair of progressive lenses, while only 67% preferred the leading competitor. While proven to be effective for previous progressive wearers, the iDapt's characteristics are universally favorable to those patients who are new to progressive lenses as well.

Due to the iDapt's optimized design and reported low-occurrence of peripheral swim, it is also perfectly suited for a patient who has never worn progressive lenses in the past. Based on the patient's unique iPrint, the iDapt is available in both iZon Multi-Layer and Single-Layer designs and manufactured exclusively using free-form technology for optimal precision and clarity. As with all iZon Lenses, the iDapt comes standard with Ophthonix's new and stronger anti-reflective coating, ViZera (TM). It's time to stop worrying about long adaptation times and start enjoying the benefits of iZon High-Definition vision.

About Ophthonix Ophthonix, Inc., a San Diego-based vision correction company, is forever changing the way people see the world. Customized iZon High Resolution Lenses allow wearers to see the world in High-Definition-clearer, sharper and more vividly than ever before. The proprietary and patented process is the first-ever vision correction technology that addresses the problems associated with the unique variations in each person's eyes, allowing for customized eyeglass lenses. For more information, visit or contact

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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Aug 7, 2012
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