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New hydraulically actuated PTOs.

New from Kraft Power is the HFF and HFO hydraulically actuated PTOs and a larger series of KFBD fluid coupling PTO's. The HFF and HFO oil operated PTOs are available in 3 in. to 14 in. designs for output capabilities of up to 693 hp at 2100 rpm. The hydraulic units have a maximum 507 psi oil pressure. The HFF and HFO units are available in SAE housing size of 32-1, 2-1, and 1-0; for SAE flywheel sizes of 11 1/2 and 14 in. The AFF and AFO air-operated versions in pressures to 87 psi are also available for mobile and stationary applications.

The new series of KFBD fluid coupling PTO are available up to SAE zero to 14 in. with ratings of 800 hp at 2000 rpm. Applications for these products include industrial, marine propulsion, shredders, chippers, mills crushers, pumps, compressors and power generation. The units are available with a temperature switch designed to detect surrounding air temperature that is related to fluid coupling oil temperature. The switch is adjustable according to ambient temperature, the company said.

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Title Annotation:Kraft Power Corp.'s new power-take-offs
Publication:Diesel Progress North American Edition
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Mar 1, 1998
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