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New hydraulic hose designed for cold temperature applications.

A new hydraulic hose designed to operate in frigid temperatures while maintaining a high degree of flexibility has been developed by Aeroquip. The MatchMate Ice hose is suitable for a wide range of mobile equipment applications and has been tested to temperatures as low as -70 [degrees] without significant failures, according to the Maumee, Ohio, company.

"Rubber tube and cover embrittlement are a common cause of hose failure in cold temperature climates," said Doug Jahnke, manager of business development for Aeroquip. "You see the hose life shortened on hoses that are used in Alaska, Canada, all across the northern tier of states in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world where equipment is operated in cold conditions.

"When it gets down below -40 [degrees], you'll see some of the elastomers used in cover and even the tube materials crack. In the case of the tube, the rubber cracks can allow fluid to escape. Cover cracks expose the reinforcement and the hose will ultimately fail due to wire corrosion."

The new MatchMate Ice hose is a two-wire, braided hose available in 0.25 through 2 in. sizes. It incorporates proprietary elastometric tube and cover compounds specially developed by Aeroquip. "We had a low temperature Mil Spec hose for a number of years," noted Jahnke, "but it had a thick cover and we have had numerous customer requests for a thinner cover, more flexible hose and lower temperature hose that allows the use of TTC (through the cover) fittings, as opposed to skive-type fittings. With the TTC fitting, you simply slip it on the hose and crimp it onto the hose. The skive type requires that you remove a portion of the cover off the hose and is a more involved process.

"We knew we needed a new low temperature hose to match with our TTC fittings. The TTC fittings are a big part of the MatchMate Plus program, resulting in simple assembly systems. The Ice compound is a unique elastomer formation. We started with a blank sheet of paper and designed it, compounded it and went through several iterations of compound to get it right."

The Aeroquip MatchMate Ice hose passed the SAE J343 Cold Bend Resistance Test and is the only hose on the market rated at -70 [degrees] F for high pressure (to 5000 psi) applications, the company said. As part of the hose development, Aeroquip developed new cold test procedures, since SAE test protocols did not always replicate actual customer requirements, Jahnke explained. In the company's test procedure, the hose is cooled to -70 [degrees] F and is flexed repeatedly while pressurized. To successfully pass the test, the hose must perform without any cover cracking, leakage or other damage.

For mobile equipment used in extreme cold temperatures, MatchMate Ice hose can reduce hose-related warranty claims, as well as downtime. The new hose is designed for use with MatchMate Plus fittings and, in most sizes, with skive fittings as well, Aeroquip said.

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Publication:Diesel Progress North American Edition
Date:Aug 1, 1998
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