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New home-screen look for upcoming Google Nexus phones.

Google may be doing a facelift of the home screen for the next generation of the company's Nexus phones. The changes include the app draw, the Search widget and the Now pane.

The app drawer will no longer be opened by a single button touch, according to The Verge. Instead, users will be able to drag up from anywhere in the app dock to open the drawer. The app dock will also look much more distinct to make the apps stand out in the same fashion as that of the iOS interface.

Google will also be taking out the Search box from the top row and in its place will be a non-removable calendar widget. On the side there will be a little 'G' tab that can be dragged to see what the new Google Now pane has to offer. Tapping the G also opens a search box.

While there are still no concrete facts being released by Google regarding these speculations, it is fair to assume that he next generation of Nexus phones will see these changes implemented, seeing that Android Nougat is just around the corner.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Aug 2, 2016
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