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New helmet mount hardware.

The AN/PVS-14 monocular night vision device (MNVD) helmet mount now comes with a new screw and nut, NSN 5305-01-619-5445. The new mounting hardware fits the advanced combat helmet (ACH) and the combat vehicle crewman (CVC) helmet.

The new hardware replaces the original self-locking screw and nut that protruded from the inside of your helmet. It's designed for better ballistic protection. It also features a tighter thread class. That means the helmet mount will fit tighter and more securely. Unlike the earlier screw, you insert the new screw from inside the helmet through the helmet mount and cover. The new nut attaches to the outside front of the helmet.

Rapid fielding initiative (RFI) will issue the new hardware whenever helmet mounts are issued to deploying units. You can also order the screw and nut through the Army supply system.

Here's a chart to simplify ordering:

      Item              Includes              NSN

Screw and nut       N/A                 5305-01-619-5445

Helmet mount,       Rhino horn,         5855-01-610-8704
new version.        front bracket and
Adjusts             new mounting
vertically.         hardware.

Helmet mount,       Rhino horn,         5855-01-551-4525
old version. Will   front bracket and
be issued until     new mounting
stocks are gone.    hardware.

Front bracket       Bracket and         5340-01-509-1467
                    new mounting
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