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New glass top renovates a scarred wood table.

New glass top renovates a scarred wood table

Resurrecting a badly scratched top surface on an otherwise serviceable Parsons table would have required hours of sanding and refinishing. San Francisco architect John Walsh devised a much simpler solution: covering it with glass.

To give the table a sleek black finish, Walsh brushed its entire surface with glossy interior-exterior enamel. Next, he spray-painted one side of a 3 1/2- by 8-foot rectangle of 1/4-inch-thick polished-edge tempered glass (about $140) with glossy acrylic paint.

When both table and glass had dried, he placed the glass, painted side down, on the tabletop. The paint on the underside of the glass gives the table surface richness and depth; the paint on the table masks and unevenness in the coat on the glass.

Photo: Glossy surface of bottom-painted glass gives dining table an elegant finish. Weight of glass top holds it in place on the painted wood tabletop
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Date:Jan 1, 1985
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