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New generation of secure Internet commerce unveiled by GE Information Services; "GE InterBusiness" allows Internet access to business-to-business electronic commerce solutions.

ROCKVILLE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 6, 1996--GE Information Services today announced the launch of "GE InterBusiness(SM)," a new electronic commerce offering that provides powerful security protection of business transactions over the Internet.

GE InterBusiness combines encrypted dynamic session key, mutual authentication, and advanced firewall technology. It is based on standard Internet protocols and establishes a highly secure "pipeline" through which a user can conduct electronic data interchange, electronic messaging, and electronic file transfers, the three key elements of electronic commerce and GE Information Services' Business Productivity Solutions.

"Our goal is to deliver our Business Productivity Solutions suite of services to global customers and their trading communities," says Haskell Mayo, vice president of marketing for GE Information Services. "The Internet will play a critical new role in broadening this effort."

Next-Generation Security

GE InterBusiness uses secret key cryptology in a mutual authentication (double challenge) environment to permit secure transmission of highly sensitive data over the Internet. According to Anne Biehl, manager of market development for GE Information Services, GE InterBusiness provides a dynamic session key that encrypts the session itself to secure all information passed from sender to receiver.

"We recognize our customers' need to combine secure business applications with the Internet's global reach," says Biehl. "Our solution offers both the ease and breadth of access of the Internet with verification and authentication for private transactions."

How It Works

GE InterBusiness is based on a mutual-authentication model. The firewall server requests a user's ID, like that lifted off an ATM card's magnetic strip. This encrypted ID code constitutes a "secret key" that is generated by the software provided by GE Information Services. Once the server matches this code with that of an approved user, the server then requests a password known only to the user, also following the ATM analogy. The effectiveness of this kind of procedure, which occurs in seconds, establishes a secure pipeline before any data is transferred.

GE InterBusiness is unique in its provision of a dynamic encrypted session, in which each key is used for one session only. The session key is never seen on the Internet, so there is no way for hackers to break the encryption. In addition, GE Information Services administers all of its customers' keys.

Open Environment

Departing from previous attempts in the industry to secure commerce on the information superhighway, GE InterBusiness uses the standard networking and connectivity of the Internet to interface with the diverse technology systems used by GE's broad customer base of more than 40,000 companies. Based on standard Internet protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, SMTP, and FTP), GE InterBusiness runs on all browsers, interacts with standard Internet applications, and can reside on any Internet-compatible desktop.

With the advent of GE InterBusiness, businesses of all sizes can improve supplier management, strengthen logistics management and expand their trading communities because they can use any SMTP-, FTP-, or TCP/IP-based application.

"Successful businesses recognize the strategic importance of networked information and electronic commerce. Yet because of concerns over security, relatively few have leveraged the Internet's open technology and powerful reach to gain a competitive advantage in their global marketplace," says Hellene Runtagh, president and CEO of GE Information Services. "GE InterBusiness is pioneering a secure solution."

Business Productivity Solutions

GE Information Services' Business Productivity Solutions streamline business processes by using electronic commerce services to integrate suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers. Benefits include reduced costs, decreased cycle times, improved quality, and increased customer satisfaction. GE InterBusiness provides an important means of secure access to these services.

GE Information Services first established a presence on the Internet in 1993 with the introduction of its Internet mail gateway. In the fourth quarter of 1994, GE Information Services and four other GE businesses joined CommerceNet, a consortium of technology-oriented companies, the charter of which is to facilitate use of the Internet for business-to-business transactions.

GE Information services is a leading provider of Business Productivity Solutions, combining electronic commerce services, inter-business process consulting, GE best practices, and trading community management. GE Information Services supports a trading community of more than 40,000 companies, helping them improve their purchasing/supplier productivity, logistics productivity, and marketing and sales productivity. GE Information Services is one of the 12 key businesses of the General Electric Co., USA, and is headquartered in Rockville. -0- This press release is available on the World Wide Web at Also available are registration procedures for Internet access validation, downloadable security software for desktop use, and other information.

CONTACT: GE Information Services

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Date:Feb 6, 1996
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