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Looking for Christmas presents for those who make things happen in a parish?

Oceans of Grief and Healing Waters A story of and Recovery by Marian Jean Haggerty 112 pages, $16 95

Struggling with Forgiveness Stories from People and Communications by David Self 200 pages, $19.95 Praise, My Soul The Hymns of Herbert O'Driscoll 88 pages, spiral bound, $19.95

The Homosexuality Debate Ed. by Catherine Sider Hamilton 272 pages, $24.95

Faithful Servant Series Ed. by Christopher L. Webber Approx. 80 pages each. $9.95

Brief thoughtful meditations for altar guild members, choir members, church school teachers, church staff, lay readers, lay eucharistic ministers, vestry members, church volunteers, and new members.
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Publication:Anglican Journal
Article Type:Bibliography
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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