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New food labels in Canada to affect U.S. products.

New food labels in Canada to affect U.S. products: Canada next month is scheduled to institute mandatory nutrition labeling regulations for prepackaged foods and, since the standard U.S. nutrition panel is not permitted on the labels of foods sold in Canada, U.S. prepackaged food product exporters will need to take steps to bring their packaging into compliance. Failure to do so will result either in entry refusals at the border or product detention.

The U.S. agricultural attache in Ottawa reports that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency this week announced that its enforcement efforts would focus on domestic food manufacturers and on imported foods and reassured Canadian food retailers that it did not intend to vigorously enforce the new regulation on foods already on retail shelves that were purchased prior to the December 12, 2005 implementation date.
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Publication:Food & Drink Weekly
Date:Nov 14, 2005
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