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New first aid kit fielded.


The Army is now issuing the more robust, more streamlined "Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) II" as replacement for the older kit which was built inside an ammunition pouch for a Squad Automatic Weapon.

The IFAK II contains all the supplies of the old kit with the addition of a second tourniquet, a tactical combat casualty card to annotate what kind of first aid was applied to a wounded Soldier, a marker, an eye shield, a rubber seal with a valve for sucking chest wounds, and a strap cutter.

The kit fits inside a custom pouch that can be mounted out-of-the-way on the back of a Soldier's Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV).

While the new first aid kit can be mounted on a Soldier's back, it is designed to be easily accessible when needed for both right-handed and left-handed Soldiers.

The IFAK II can be removed from its container pouch from either side by pulling on one of two tabs and slipping it out of its case. The kit also comes with two removable tourniquet pouches that can be mounted to the kit, or to other parts of a Soldier's gear.

Read more about the IFAK II at www. kit_includes_eye_protection_strap_cutter/.

(C. Todd Lopez writes for the Army News Service.)
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Author:Lopez, C. Todd
Publication:Infantry Magazine
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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