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New finishing technology helps control VOC emissions.

Although regulatory negotiations have not yet led to a nationwide standard for finishing emissions control, equipment manufacturers have wasted no time in developing products that help limit VOCs.

The following are some of the environmentally-friendly finishing equipment available. For more information, circle the number on the Reader's Service Card.

Spray guns and pumps

Graco's President 30:1 pump is a specially designed air-assisted airless system for pumping new water-based, high solids and acid-catalyzed two-component coatings. The water-based compatible system features all stainless steel wetted parts, preventing corrosion, the company says. The maximum fluid pressure of the President 30:1 sprayer is 3,600 psi. Circle #258

Apollo Sprayers' air-conversion HVLP non-bleed spray guns use air from a regular compressor. A specially designed spherical air expansion chamber, together with an "air-miser" valve, enable the spray guns to run off a compressor as small as 3-hp, the company says. Fluid parts are stainless steel and air pressure can be varied from 20 psi up to 80 psi. Circle #259

DeVilbiss Ransburg's MSV spray gun weighs 17 oz. and Features a two-finger steel trigger with lighter needle spring, requiring 33% less trigger force. It is compatible with all V3 HVLP air caps and can be ordered with the Maximum Performer HVLP components or can be upgraded later for the application of low VOC or difficult to atomize materials. The gun is available with 400 grade stainless steel tips for most applications, or 303 grade stainless steel for use with waterborne or other corrosive materials. Circle #260

Kremlin offers the K3 electrostatic gun for spray finishing even material deposition on both uniform shapes and complex structures, the company says. The K3 accommodates all types of coating materials, including heated and unheated single and plural component paints and varnishes, stains, lacquers as well as waterborne or solventbased coatings. Circle #261

Campbell Hausfield's HVLP sprayer, HV2000, can be used to spray a variety of materials including acrylics, stains, enamels, lacquers, latex paints and primers. At 54 cfm of air, and 4 psi of pressure, the sprayer delivers up to 86% transfer efficiency, the company says. The HV2000 weighs 15 lbs and can be transported to work sites. Circle #262

AccuSpray's Series 12 HVLP gun connects directly to high-pressure regulators and hose for quick and easy setup, the company says. A complete HVLP Compressed Air Conversion System with a 2-qt cup or 2.5-gal tank, hoses and regulator is also available. Circle #263

Titan's Pro-Finish HVLP Series is designed to paint railings, shutters, doors, cabinets, louvers or metal work, while providing a transfer efficiency of up to 90%, the company says. The Pro-Finish 300 is available with a quart cup, 20-ft air hose with quick disconnect and a three-stage tangential turbine with speed control. It is reportedly ideal for applying stains, lacquers, sealers, oil-based paints and finish quality latexes. Circle #264

Chiron offers lightweight HVLP spray systems featuring adjustable spray patterns for use with virtually any type of finishing material. The company says the systems exceed all current government regulations for emissions control, eliminate messy overspray, are easy to clean up and do not need a compressor. Circle #265

Kace Technologies Inc. offers the EagleSpray brand of portable and complete HVLP turbine spray systems. The systems come equipped with two- and three-stage turbines capable of spraying virtually all materials, from light through heavy viscosity, conventional nitrocellulose and water-based coatings. The company says the gun offers more than 85% transfer efficiency with minimum overspray. Circle #266

Can-Am Engineered Products offers a line of Turbo-Coatair industrial turbine powered spray finishing equipment. In use at larger shops, the company says the return on investment is 4 to 6 months. The company adds that is products offer a 40 to 60% savings on stain usage and 32 to 47% savings in sealer and topcoat usage. Circle #267

Binks Mfg. Co. offers the Mach 11 HVLP hand gun which uses hydraulically-assisted atomization that allows fluid to be delivered to the spray gun at low hydraulic pressures. Features include a constrictive carbide tip, forged aluminum alloy body, ball and seat fluid shutoff and tungsten carbide seat material. Circle #268

Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment manufactures a wide range of HVLP spray guns and systems including the GX HVLP gun which can be used with a compressor or turbine. Circle #269

P.E. Black Corp. offers spray guns including air-assisted airless, electrostatic, and airless. The company also offers robotic and other spray systems. Circle #270

Coaters and spray systems

European Woodworking Machinery Co. offers Venjakob spray booth systems. The company says the Venjakob spray booths have a large-sized spray booth housing and internal surfaces are smooth and flush to prevent build-up of overspray and dust particles. In and outlet openings of the spray booth housing can be executed with fresh air curtains with air supply from the filtering hood. Circle #271

Derda Inc. offers the Falcioni FM 130-S Reco-Clean panel sprayer. The belt conveyor prevents overspray on the panel bottom side and improves the lacquering on the edges, the company says. The sprayer has a special air depurator with water spray nozzles and special filters which keeps back the portion of overspray extracted by the machine, thereby reducing the emissions to the environment, the company adds. The FM 130 automatic 130 sprayer is designed for use on doors, cabinet doors, panels or any other kind of parts. Circle #272

Eisenmann Corp. offers surface finishing systems, including powder coating, water-based paint or conventional paint systems with exhaust air purification systems. The production Program for surface technology includes pretreatment, coating and drying systems. Other lines include environmental technology, materials handling and automated handling systems, and high temperature furnaces and kilns. The company designs, manufactures and installs complete turnkey systems. Circle #273

Black Bros. Co. says use of its Differential Direct Roll Coater with l00% UV solids materials can offer users advantages such as: precise control of the amount of material applied which results in cost savings, 90 to 95% transfer efficiency, no airborne spray or VOC emissions, and increased productivity due to faster line speeds. Circle #274

Stiles Machinery Inc. offers Cefla Ecospray machines which feature a solid mylar belt that transports the workpieces through the spray machine. Oversized at 65 in. wide, the belt can recover for reuse more than 90% of the deposited overspray, the company says. Other features include: exhaust stack scrubber system, an air recirculation system which reportedly reduces exhaust air to approximately 3,500 cfm and an automatic solids separation system for maintaining stable water conditions. Circle #275

QuickWood says its curtain coater offer 100% recirculation of the coating materials, thereby complying with current environmental regulations for VOC emissions. The coating quantity on Model B.2 can be adjusted from 50 to 350 grams per square meter. Other features include: exchangeable head with 15mm aluminum sides, an optional revolving sweeping brush and independent mobile coating section. Circle #276

E & R Supply says the Schiele Vacumat Coating System is designed to apply waterborne and 1 00% solids coatings with nearly 100% transfer efficiency. The system can finish linear mouldings on all sides or edges of flat parts with nearly no waste or emissions, the company says. The closed-loop Vacumat system also ensures that all coating not transferred to the workpiece in the application chamber is returned to the replenishment reservoir. Water-based, EB and UV materials can be used. Circle #277

Advanced Manufacturing and Development offers the Advance Model 612T vacuum coater which uses waterborne coatings. The company says the high transfer efficiency of the 612T results in minimal VOC emissions and up to 35% savings in coating costs. Features include: tilt back filter box, single handle center line adjustment for conveyor, and large double fluid filters. The system can stain, prime and finish moulded, roll formed or extruded pieces at lines speeds up to 300 fpm.Circle #278

Makor's Model CSP4/E performs automatic spraying in line of coating products on picture frames, mouldings, etc. A cabin over the spraying zone prevents noxious exhalations. A suction chamber utilizing a high efficiency, high capacity filter, guarantees outward expulsion of purified air, the company adds. A microprocessor system allows for adjustment of each gun for the advanced and delayed timing of opening and closure of spray, keeping paint waste to a minimum and reducing the dust and solvent emissions into the atmosphere. Circle #279

Rhodes Machinery International's moulding/profile spray system offers high speed finishing of profile wood parts, mouldings, window sashes and shelving. The system is standard with automatic downdraft spray machine, three-gun air-assisted airless fluid handling equipment and multi V-belts through flash oven and cooling tunnel. The company says the system also features a quick-reaction 90 transfer with capacity up to 25 transfers per minute. Circle #280

Delle Vedove offers a high-speed moulding sprayer which contains a built-in water-wash fume filtering system. The two-station in-line sprayer applies a consistent amount of finish to each piece, the company says. A centralized extraction unit with the fume filter directly retrieves overspray. Each station includes two spray guns. Circle #281

Union Carbide Corp.'s UNICARB system is reported to reduce VOCs and air toxins in sealers and topcoats by up to 80%. The company adds that the system can increase productivity while lowering operating costs. Circle #282

George Koch Sons offers the Koch/TPD pressure head curtain coater which uses only the coating material that the product intercepts as it passes through the pressure curtain. Liquid coating is pumped from the main reservoir tank to the pressure coating head using a variable speed, positive displacement pump. A trough located directly under the coating heat at conveyor level returns the unused coating back to the main reservoir tank for recirculation. Circle #283

GFG Corp.'s curtain coater features: stainless steel gravity deposition curtain head, recirculation system, variable speed parts conveyor. The coater can be used on flat or irregular shaped parts, and uses solvent or water-based coatings. Circle #284

Roger Stiles & Assoc. offers Hymmen finishing lines including the Series ELX CombiCoater. The ELX is a progressive roller coating machine that is reported to offer unlimited variations and allow quick change to new stain or finish systems, regardless of whether water-based or other mediums are used. Circle #285

Pistorius Machine Co. offers the Paint By Length machine, a semi-automatic spraying system designed for up to fourside simultaneous high-speed painting of lineal materials. The machine is designed to provide maximum paint coverage per pass while requiring a minimum amount of labor, compressed air, paint and cleanup, the company says. Circle #286

Ovens driQuik, Div. of Dry Clime Lamp Corp., now offers the Combo Oven, a combination of high velocity heated air and infrared oven. The oven reportedly quickly and efficiently dries water-based finishes on all substrates. intake air is filtered and independently controlled from the medium-wave infrared heat. The oven is fully exhausted for airflow throughout the oven chamber. Circle #287

BBC Industries says its Black Body Infrared Processing and Curing Systems are available in more than 50 standard and custom oven configurations with optional conveyors, exhaust blowers and vestibules. The heating system's patented modular infrared emitter panels radiate pure, uniform heat across the oven surface. The grid also insulates the emitter against natural convective losses. Air circulation is reduced, thereby, minimizing the danger of dirt or foreign particles escaping into the atmosphere or damaging products. Circle #288

UVIII Systems Inc.'s pigment curing system is capable of curing opaque coatings and is available in tow models: 700 watts per inch for flat items and 700A for 3-D items. Features include variable power level options f rom 200- to 700-watts per inch. Circle #289

Spray booths and collectors

JBI Inc. says its new Quick-Color-Change Reclaim Spray Booth is designed to reclaim high solids, thermosetting and UV curable coatings. Unlike in a standard booth, in which both the light and dark colored paints are accumulated on the same paint collectors, the company says its new system provides the capability to capture light colors on one set of collectors and dark colors on another. The collected material can then be reformulated and color adapted for various colors, providing increased versatility in reusing reclaimed coatings, the company says. Circle #290

DeVilbiss Spray Booth Products offers Redi-Pak Pro-Clean Dry Filter Booths which feature a nine-layer, even-loading design for even depth loading and capturing of microscopic particles. The Redi-Pak Bench Top and Bench Booths are made of 18-gauge Galvanex rolled edge panel construction, and have fans for. Air replacement options are available. Circle #291

Columbus Industries' says that recycled products are used throughout its product line of collectors for waterborne, high solids, bake dry and other compliant and conventional coatings. The maximized utilization of recycled materials in the products includes the kraft material as well as polyester components and use of more than 50% combination of post-consumer/postproduction recycled materials in the corrugated cartons. Circle #292

A.J. Dralle Inc. says the CG 100 bag designed for overspray collection systems has an average efficiency of 99.96% on high solid paint. The self-sealing bag holds 1 1.85 lbs of paint at a low final resistance of 0.39 wg. The CG100 is designed for use with all paint exhaust systems. Circle #293

Chemco Mfg. Co. offers the Aqua-Pad, a non-soluble collector for filtering of waterbased coatings. The company also offers a particulate filtration conversion system for non-filtered spray booths and for booths using hazardous waste-generating water wash systems. Circle #294

VOC abatement technology

Anguil Environmental Systems.'s ReTox TR is a regenerative thermal oxidizer is available in sizes up through 10,000 scfm. The company says the ReTox TR offers high VOC destruction efficiency with up to 95% thermal energy recovery. The ReTox TR is self-sustaining at LELs as low as 3% and is available with options including: chamber flushing, variable frequency drive, bake-out feature, and recirculation. Circle #295

Salem Engelhard offers catalytic incinerators featuring: high percentage of VOC destruction, automatic system controls, conversion of VOC to water and C02, catalyst impregnated on honeycomb monolith, ceramic substrate honeycomb, and the capability to handle wide variations in gas flow and VOC concentration. The company also offers equipment for control of NO, CO and halogenated airstreams. Circle #296

Wheelabrator Clean Air System offers Huntington Energy Systems Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Systems. The company says the RTO provides greater than 99% VOC destruction efficiency in systems with 5,000 to 200,000 cfm capacity at continuous oxidation temperatures of 1500 to 1800 F. Systems can be expanded to accommodate increased process volume from production expansion. Circle #297

Catalytic Industrial Systems offers a variety of emission control equipment including catalytic infrared ovens for VOC control and catalytic units which reportedly offer 95+% emission reduction. Circle #298

Pneu-Mech Systems designs, builds and installs turnkey systems utilizing fume control systems, air make-up units, spray booths and ovens. Circle #299

MoDo Chemetics offers the Swingtherm patented regenerative catalytic VOC emission-control system. The process operation swings or switches between dual ceramic beds, maximizing utilization of the heat energy given off by the hydrocarbon oxidation process, the company says. Circle #300

Young & Bertke offers a wide variety of VOC emission control equipment including filtering systems and mist collectors. Circle #301
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