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New facade planned for 555 Fifth Avenue.

Thanks to a glamorous facade renovation by architect Der Scutt, 555 Fifth Avenue -- the 20-story white brick office building on 46th Street which houses Wallach's clothing store -- will soon be one of the most elegant commercial towers on Fifth Avenue, according to the owner and manager, Atco Properties & Management, Inc.

The facade will feature alternating piers of Caledonia gray flame-finished granite, mocha-colored semi-circular elements, sandstone aluminum panels, and bronze-tinted glass casement windows which are thermally insulated. Cantilevered bay windows on nine upper floors will produce elegant, greenhouse-style offices, including 16 spectacular corner offices. In addition, extensive tree plantings will blanket 228,000-square-foot building, which was built in 1955.

"The new look will be one of slender elegance with a vertical motif which will be contextual with the architectural details, proportions and of our neighbors on Fifth Avenue, including the landmarked 1920's Fred French Building next door," said Scutt. The facade will also harmonize with the building's dramatic two-story marquee-style entrance, which features Caledonia gray granite columns flanking both sides of a bronze canopy consisting of horizontal bands.

The renovation will be accomplished with minimal tenant disruption -- no more than 24 hours, notes Atco Senior Vice President Peter L. DiCapua.

"We will arrange that each tenant will be inconvenienced only one day. During that time, their existing windows will be removed, and new trim will be installed to connect with the previously installed new windows. The next day, our tenants will have the luxury of using their new, openable windows," DiCapua said.

The new facade is the final phase of a multi-million-dollar renovation of 555 Fifth Avenue, which included the new entrance, a gray marble lobby with waterfall, a new card-access security system, new elevator cabs adorned with marble and bronze panels, and new public corridors with marble flooring, ceilings and energy-efficient lighting

The choice of the facade caps a two-and-a-half year process during which Atco invited four architects to design a makeover for 555 Fifth Avenue. Parameters given included the use of stonework, openable windows, and harmony with nearby buildings on Fifth Avenue, DiCapua said.

Der Scutt Architect, founded in 198 1, was also the architect for Trump Tower and the facade renovations of 625 Madison Avenue and 575 Lexington Avenue.

Atco Properties & Management, Inc. is a subsidiary of The Hemmerdinger Corporation, a diversified real estate company which owns and manages one million square feet of commercial space in Manhattan and one million square feet of industrial space in Queens, and other residential holdings in the Central Park South area and Phoenix, Arizona. The company was founded in 1922.
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Title Annotation:brick office building, New York, New York
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Nov 24, 1993
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