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New exhibition brings dinosaurs back to life.

DINOSAURS will make a return journey to the National Museum & Gallery in Cardiff this spring, in a new exhibition that explores their lives 200 million years ago through revolutionary virtual technology.

From fossilised examples of some of the oldest dinosaurs and marine reptiles, to state of the art computer graphics, the exhibition will provide a snapshot of how the world's most sensational creatures lived.

Created by the Yorkshire Museum in conjunction with BBC Worldwide, the exhibition presents cutting edge science and technology, revealing how scientific investigation and modern technology produced a ground breaking series which has set new standards in recreating past worlds.

Highlights of the exhibition include rarely seen fossils, the Dinosaur Runway, on which visitors can try and outrun a carnivorous dinosaur such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, or the chance to walk among the dinosaurs, through the means of the Blue Screen, a camera that superimposes your image into the video of Dinosaurs.

In addition, there will be an opportunity to visit the National Museum's permanent exhibition Evolution of Wales, which tells the spectacular story of how Wales evolved from a tropical to a mild northern climate and includes examples of dinosaurs that once roamed our country, Wales, 200 million years ago.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 22, 2002
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