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New equipment.

1 Performance apparel.

(Pro-Sorb, Inc.) Impact Innovative Products has created a compression fit Zoombang shirt based on a unique energy dissipating material called reAsorb[TM]. These padded shirts provide the wearer with a layer of conformal cushioning and support, yet react to help dissipate energy when an impact is applied, the company says. ReAsorb[TM] is a new visco-elastic polymer that is a soft pliable liquid at rest. However, when a sudden shear force, such as shock, is applied, the material will immediately change physical characteristics and stiffen to dissipate the energy. Once the force has passed, the material will transform into its original conformal cushioning state, claims the company. The shirts come in a number of varieties, including: Shoulder Pad Shirt (Can be worn under shoulder pads to offer conformal cushioning and support, or worn alone during training and light workouts), Rib Pad Shirt (To help protect sensitive and exposed areas. The reAbsorb[TM] material and pad will conform to the ball offering a "less prone to cause fumbles" type of protection), and the Combination Shirt (Offers maximum protection by combining both shoulder pads and rib pads into one shirt).



2 Locker latching system.

(Lyon Workspace Products) Lyon Workspace Products has developed a new, patent pending locker latching system that utilizes nano (miniature) roller technology to provide up to 10 times the resistance to break-ins compared to existing locker latching systems, the company says. (In this case, "resistance" is measured as the pounds of force required to pull a locker door open in a variety of laboratory tests simulating real life.) The actual nano roller is made of powdered metal--the same high tech metal used in automotive transmission gears--for unmatched resistance to wear. A nationally known testing organization has tested the new locking system to 35,000 cycles, which means it will last for decades, claims the company. A new nylon lock-bar guide ensures proper lockbar alignment for smooth operation, while reducing overall noise by eliminating metal-to-metal contact.



3 Strength & conditioning.

(PowerCranks) PowerCranks[TM] are a patented modification to bicycle cranks that are then mounted on a bicycle or an exercise bicycle to help improve coordination and running form, improve endurance, train new muscles, reduce the risk of injury and improve rehabilitation speed and quality, the company claims. Currently being used by top professional and university football, baseball, track, and other teams, PowerCranks[TM] come with a speed improvement guarantee.



4 Athletic field marking machine.

(Newstripe, Inc.) The NewRider 2000 riding field marking machine sets the standard for fast and convenient lining of large, multi-field sports complexes, the company says. Its large, 55-gallon tank can paint up to 22,000 feet of 4" line. That's the equivalent of four football fields. Plus, it is fast, lining up to 25,000 feet per hour. Alloy steel axles, integrated heat shield, and reduced height improves the overall durability and value of the NewRider 2000. All welded structural steel chassis, 10 horsepower commercial grade engine, dual paint pumps, and hydrostatic transmission all add up to a tough, dependable machine.


Additional features include: center and side-mounted dual spray heads, seat based operator controls, rear hitch and dual in-line filters. The product also comes standard with a handgun for stencil and other special painting needs.

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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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