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New equipment for sanitary processing boosts production, improves product quality.

Ross introduces new technology and new equipment choices for sanitary mixing, blending, drying, disintegration, dispersion, emulsification, solubilization and homogenization. Units in many sizes in stock for immediate delivery or in-plant trial/rental.


A new Data Sheet explains the revolutionary rotor/stator technology that enables an X-Series Mixer Emulsifier to produce sub-micron emulsions in a single pass.

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The new SLIM System allows instant solid/ liquid additions, even for hard-to-disperse solids. The data sheet explains the system and suggests many applications.

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X-Series Mixer Emulsifiers

With a new, patented concept in rotor/stator generator design, X-Series Mixer Emulsifiers can produce sub-micron emulsions faster than any conventional rotor/stator mixer -- and for a fraction of the cost of a high pressure homogenizer. The new generator operates with a matrix of interlocking channels at tip speeds as high as 17,000 fpm to create extraordinarily intense shear.

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Quad Slot Mixer Emulsifier

The close-tolerance, multi-stage rotor/stator generator in the Quad Slot is ideal for fast particle size reduction, and for sub-micron dispersions and emulsions that deliver superior product stability, visual appeal and shelf life.

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300-Series In-line Mixer Emulsifier and SLIM System for Batch Mixer Emulsifiers

Adding solids and liquids is now easier and faster than ever. The 300-Series Mixer Emulsifier allows you to add solids to a continuous system with an overhead recirculation tank and tangential piping that promotes a vigorous vortex. The new patented SLIM system allows you to inject solids directly into the high shear zone of a batch Mixer Emulsifier, accelerating the mixing process and eliminating the dust created by many solid additions.

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Motionless Mixers

With no moving parts, Ross Motionless Mixers offer virtually maintenance-free operation and terrific cost-efficiency. Precisely positioned mixing elements create turbulent flow for fast mixing -- and a low pressure drop.

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Ross/Olsa Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer

The Ross/Olsa Mixer Homogenizer is a self-contained manufacturing plant engineered to prepare sanitary creams and lotions of the highest quality. Offering a remarkable degree of process flexibility, the inner and outer coaxial blades are independently controlled, and the inner blades are steeply pitched and ensure thorough top-to-bottom mixing. The internal rotor/stator homogenizing turbine can be replaced with an external in-line unit for even greater process control. The skid-based system is delivered fully wired and plumbed, ready for plug and play installation.

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The new In-line SLIM system

The Ross In-line SLIM system introduces the fastest method ever developed for wetting out solids in a liquid. A unique rotor/stator generates a powerful vacuum and draws solids directly into the high-shear zone. Hard-to-disperse solids -- such as fumed silica, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, gums and thickeners -- are instantly dispersed, eliminating the delay and "dusting" associated with conventional equipment.

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Ribbon Blenders

New Ross Ribbon Blenders offer easier cleaning and faster blending. High speed choppers promote deagglomeration and cut blending cycles. Many sanitary designs are available to suit your application precisely.

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The Ross Turboemulsifier is an excellent choice for preparing sanitary emulsions -- especially of higher viscosities. Its heavy duty design includes an anchor agitator that sweeps the inner shell of the hemispherical vessel and promotes efficient circulation. Inner counter-rotating blades create vigorous axial and radial flow. A rotor/stator homogenizing turbine, located near the bottom of the vessel, applies intense shearing and emulsifying action. All internal parts are built in stainless steel and polished to a sanitary finish.

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Cone Screw Blenders

Ross sanitary Vertical Blenders are ideal for many applications that require fast blending cycles, low power consumption and close process control. Even in large production models, Ross can engineer your blender with a mixing screw that is unsupported at the lower end -- which greatly improves discharge and eliminates persistent maintenance problems. Standard options include vacuum construction and jacketing to heat or cool. A high speed lump breaker is also available to accelerate deagglomeration. Ross Vertical Blenders are ideal for dry blending, paste blending and vacuum drying.

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Check out all the equipment and engineering resources that Ross offers -- at our website.

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