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New economiser design.

In the past, although energy costs have been on an upward path, the rate of increase has been low enough not to cause major red light alerts. As a result compensation factors have been buried in increased final product costs or reduced trading margins. With the current round of increased energy prices and an increasingly competitive global market place, industry has to sit up and take real notice.

More efficient use of energy in processes becomes easier to justify as pay back periods become shorter similarly machine and plant manufacturers are able to more easily justify any additional cost in making their equipment more efficient.

Babcock Wanson UK says it has always had a keen eye for efficiency and with its current range of advanced industrial steam boilers has been refining both the design and cost of feed water economiser units to provide that sought after combination of effective design, simplicity, long life and low cost.

Materials, design, control equipment are now able to provide all these elements in the economiser designs offered by Babcock Wanson raising boiler efficiency levels to 95% and in the majority of cases, providing a pay back period of less than 6 months for a product enhancement designed to last as long as the boiler itself.

The latest heat transfer surface design of the Babcock Wanson economisers permits dual fuel operation with both gas and light oil greatly extending periods between cleaning due to the non fouling finning of the extended heating surface. This results in the boiler efficiency being maintained at a higher level than with conventional designs and contributes substantially to Babcock Wanson boilers being featured on the Government backed (ETL) Energy Technology List (Authorised user No.00030).

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Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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