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New drug helps you quit and lose weight.

A new super pill which helps people quit smoking while losing weight could be the answer for millions of addicts who have tried to kick the habit, but piled on the pounds, scientists said yesterday.

The pill, which works by suppressing cravings, doubled the chances of quitting cigarettes and led to a 'spectacular drop in waistlines' according to research unveiled in the United States.

The drug, called Rimonabant, offers new hope in tackling smoking and obesity.

Scientists at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine gave 787 smokers a 20 milligram daily dosage, finding that it doubled their chances of quitting within four weeks.

But while the smokers' chances of quitting increased, the vast majority did not experience the weight-gain often associated with kicking the habit. The wonder drug suppresses cravings to smoke and over-eat.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Mar 11, 2004
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