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New director of curriculum and research.

We are pleased to announce that Andrea M. West, RN, PhD, began March 2, 2009 as Director of Curriculum and Research at the IPNRC. A graduate of the University of Texas, Mississippi State University, as well as the University of Oklahoma, she served most recently on the faculty and as Dean of the Kramer School of Nursing at Oklahoma State University in Norman, OK.

Dr. West (who also goes by "Andy") brings a wealth of experience in nursing higher education, accreditation, and research.

An Educational Partner of the IPNRC, Dr. West has taught parish nursing to more than 150 RNs in Oklahoma over the past several years. She currently lives near Denver with her husband, close to their grown children and delightful grandchildren.

Dr. West's contact information is the following:

Telephone: 314-920-2862 Fax: 314-918-2558 E-mail:

Our office address is: 475 E. Lockwood Avenue St. Louis, MO 63119

We have heard from a number of you who know Andy well, and we know you will all enjoy working with her!

Andrea West, RN, PhD Director of Curriculum and Research, IPNRC

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Title Annotation:appointment of Andrea M. West by International Parish Nurse Resource Center
Author:West, Andrea
Publication:Parish Nurse Perspectives
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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