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New dies fine-tune tiniest medical tubes. (Keeping Up With Injection Extrusion).

Two toolmakers recently introduced tiny spiral dies that have different methods of fine-tuning concentricity and thickness of micro-size tubing for neurological and catheter applications.

Guill Tool & Extrusion Co., West Warwick, R.I., adapted its Feather Touch adjustment of the die holder and ball assembly (see photo) to micro-tune layers as thin as 0.0005 in. for three-layer catheter tubes. The ultra-low-volume, stainless-steel crosshead die has a 0.375-in.-diam. spiral core and makes tubes with up to 0.5-in. OD. Quill's Seal-Right system also prevents die leakage.

Meanwhile, Genca in Clearwater, Fla., recently built a micro die with the first application of its Ball-Adjusted Tip (BAT) technology. This monolayer spiral die makes neurological tubing with 0.005-in, wall thickness and is capable of adjustments as fine as 0.0002 in. The BAT micro die can also apply coatings as thin as 0.0005 in. onto tubes or fine wires. Guill Tool: (401) 828-7600,, Genca: (800) 237-5448,
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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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