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New diaspora investments in production of healthy foods.

Investment in agriculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and especially in the production of healthy food, is gaining momentum, and the diaspora is increasingly emerging as an investor and driver of new companies in this field.

Jasmina CuA!ic started selling vegetables through social networks three years ago, and now runs a store in downtown Mostar and the Eko Jasmina Company with a network of subcontractors from all over Herzegovina.

The key point in the growth of the company were investors from the diaspora who invested their contacts, knowledge and money, and today have a co-ownership stake in this fast-growing company.

Prijedor's Agroplus is completing the installation of new equipment and expanding its capacity. The company is focused on the production of homemade apples, and the company has its own pharmacy. Agroplus is another example of a BiH diaspora investment that invests in agricultural development in the Prijedor region.

The figures indicate a good perspective for this business concept which is confirmed by the information that last year more than 8 million KM worth of apples was exported from our country.

Dino A ito, also an investor from the BiH diaspora, has started the company BioFood BH, which deals with purchase and processing, and these days are finalizing new investments in equipment and expansion of production. Lillijan Sulejmanovic has started a Te Ora company that produces functional and healthy foods. Her "Bar Do" energy bars have already found their place in stores across the country.

The Diaspora says that, apart from the metal processing and IT sectors, investments in healthy food production represent a great opportunity for BiH. The sector has also been recognized through the activities of the USAID Diaspora Invest Project, which through its technical support activities and grant programs, has already provided support to 11 agribusiness companies.

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Publication:Federalna Novinska Agencija (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Date:Aug 6, 2019
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