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New desktop video magnifiers.

The newest desktop video magnifier (or closed-circuit television) in the Aladdin family of magnifying products is the Apex Pro, which incorporates an adjustable flat-panel monitor with the same features of the Aladdin Apex and Genie Pro. In addition, the Apex Pro is designed to convert to a "cross-room viewer," which would allow a student to view information written on the board, for example. Manufactured by InSiPhil and distributed by Telesensory, the Aladdin Apex Pro is designed to combine powerful magnification with a computer workstation. A split-screen mode allows users to view magnified materials and computer files simultaneously, or desktop and computer images can be viewed separately with the click of a button. The Apex Pro 17" features a 17-inch color monitor, 3.5X to 46X magnification, and is available for a cost of $3,040. The Apex Pro 20" offers 4.4X to 66X magnification on a 20-inch color monitor, and retails for a cost of $3,395. For more information, contact: InSiPhil, 650 Vaqueros Avenue, Suite F, Sunnyvale, CA 94085; phone: 800-804-8004, 408-616-8700, or 408-616-8701; e-mail: <<info@insiphil. com>; web site: <> or <>.
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Publication:Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness
Date:Jan 1, 2009
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