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New daminozide review.

An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientific advisory panel met late last month to review the agency's proposed ban of daminozide, a widely used plant-growth regulator (SN: 9/7/85, p.149). Now, the panel reports, the studies on which EPA based its claim that daminozide was a likely human carcinogen do not support EPA's assessment of a health risk.

Such findings do not obligate EPA to withdraw its proposed ban. However, says EPA's Al Heier, the panel's report is going to make EPA's decision on whether to push for a ban "a very tough one," because the panel sidestepped altogether the issue of whether these studies might still be adequate to justify suspending use of the chemical until better data become available. EPA is awaiting additional required, and equally nonbinding, comments on its proposed ban from the Department of Agriculture. Those comments are expected around the end of the month.
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Publication:Science News
Date:Oct 12, 1985
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