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New consulting standards define MAS Division role.

In a recent Journal interview, Monroe S. Kuttner, director of the AICPA management advisory services division, emphasized that the division gears its activities largely to small and local firms. He said, "Unfortunately, many AICPA members seem to think the membership division for MAS is for practitioners from big firms. Well, it's not. Over 85% of our members come from local firms, and another 10% come from industry. Only 5% come from large firms, and most of those members do small business consulting."

Kuttner also strongly endorsed the new consulting services standards approved by the AICPA MAS executive committee. "Once and for all," Kuttner said, "they will define what we mean by consulting services." He added, "MAS used to be a term that CPAs interpreted for themselves." He also pointed out that a movement is under way to change the name of the MAS division to the consulting services division in order to identify it more closely with the new standards on consulting services.

Members of the MAS division receive several valuable services for the $70 annual dues. For example, they receive copies of every new practice aid and special report as it is issued by the division. The division has issued 37 such publications, and another 30 are currently in various stages of completion.

Members also receive a quarterly newsletter, the CPA Management Advisor, which contains articles on the management of a CPA consulting practice and news on developments in consulting services.

In addition, members receive the right to use the division's member referral service. When a division member needs help in a specialized consulting area or industry, the division will check its membership database. From these files, it can provide the member with the names and addresses of other division members who may be able to render assistance.

The MAS division also invites all members to attend its annual business meeting which is held at the AICPA headquarters in New York. This year's meeting in scheduled for November 15, 1991. MAS committee chairpeople from the state societies also are invited to participate. At the meeting, controversial topics important to CPA consultants are debated. This year's agenda will include the new standards, non-CPA associate membership in the division and marketing of consulting services.
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Title Annotation:Management Advisory Services Div.
Publication:Journal of Accountancy
Date:Nov 1, 1991
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