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New conflict on the Horizon is poking through.

The Islamic Religious Community (IVZ) responded coldly to the activities of the Ministry of Transport that sold the land of the Burmali-mosque to a Greek businessman. Despite all the provocations, the Government, as of recently, is sparking religious hatred. The new project for construction of a hotel and Officer's House at the location of the former mosque stirred up tensions. The divisions remain and the sale of the land in Skopje's center only fuels the fire of the emotions, right after the Fortress incident. The state resumes with project "Skopje 2014" despite the strong resistance. Are politicians thinking clearly? Macedonia truly has a need of a new architecture in ruling the religious relations. The insults towards IVZ and Albanians are not only a negative content of the phenomenology of the paradox but a great tragedy too. Finally, it is clear that the religious wars in the past were started when someone wanted to destroy the holy places of other people and forced them to change their religions. According to the Islam, it is allowed to hit back in such conditions, when someone's religion is tramped. God forbid, Albanian Muslims to be forced to make such a move because then it will be too late for Macedonia as well. (end) Driton Dikena
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Title Annotation:Fakti
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Mar 21, 2011
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