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New compressor technology cuts chiller energy consumption.

What Coolmation describes as "a revolutionary, centrifugal, oil-free compressor" is used on the latest series of Eurovent-certified R134A chillers from Rhoss of Italy in partnership with the University of Udine. The TurboPower range is available in capacities from 150 to 2,100 kW, and the new compressor is said to bring substantial savings in energy consumption. Energy efficiency is also enhanced by the application of electronic expansion valves, new heat exchange technology and intelligent control systems making them the quietest and most energy efficient chillers produced by Rhoss.

Compared with screw compressors, the TurboPower has an energy efficiency ratio of up to 4-0 at full load conditions and in excess of 8.0 at part load, representing an efficiency increase of 10 per cent and more than 100 per cent respectively--a huge saving, says Coolmation, since chillers operate at part load for most of their working lives.

The compressor used on the TurboPower is a digitally controlled, frictionless, two stage centrifugal compressor with magnetic oil- free bearings, avoiding the friction typically associated with traditional oiled bearings. It has only one moving component--the shaft. Magnetic bearings keep this high-speed shaft suspended in the air and frictionless, so reducing wear, extending the chiller's lifetime and keeping maintenance to a minimum. As the compressors are oil-free, maintenance costs are reduced and heat exchanger performance is improved through the elimination of oil film between the coolant and heat exchange surfaces.

The frictionless bearings reduce the starting current to just 2 A, removing the transient starting spikes which can be associated with screw compressors and the need for expensive soft start arrangements, as well as eliminating the risk of penalty charges for exceeding maximum power demands. In addition, stepless compressor speed control ranging from 25 to 100 per cent contributes to both the chiller's efficiency and accurate set point temperatures at part load conditions. Precise compressor speed control not only allows accurate matching of the load to capacity but also means the chiller can react quickly to load changes.

Sound levels are also low because of zero-vibration, even at start-up, and the elimination of the tonal problems typically found in screw compressor chillers, says Coolmation.
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Title Annotation:temperature control
Comment:New compressor technology cuts chiller energy consumption.(temperature control)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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