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New collation stretchwrapping machine.

New Collation Stretchwrapping Machine

EDL (Packaging Systems) Ltd have introduced another development in collation wrapping equipment. Their new machine, known as the FBS600, is capable of wrapping a wide range of products in stretch film.

Conventional shrinkwrapping machines wrap a loose sleeve around a collation of products and a shrink tunnel is then used to heat the film and so cause it to shrink and contract around the product. EDL's new unit utilizes a stretch film that is tightly pulled around the collation thereby eliminating the need to shrink the material.

The FBS600 incorporates a series of overhead flight bars that transfer packages through the stretch film and on into a heat tunnel. Brakes are applied to the stretch film as it is being metered and the flight bars act to wrap the film tightly around the product. Dependent upon when the brakes are applied, the FBS600 can operate as a stretch, tight or conventional shrinkwrapper.

They tell us that this technique results in material savings of up to 20 percent and that there are significant savings in the heat energy required. The only heat that is required is to shrink down the sides of the pack to create a 'bulls eye' style and we understand that the energy required for this is approximately one quarter of that of needed by a conventional shrink tunnel.

PHOTO : Flight bars stretching film around cans on an FBS600 unit
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Apr 1, 1990
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