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New center seeks to restore mind, body and spirit.

Byline: Carol Costello

WEST BOYLSTON -- Tucked gently between the post office and a variety of businesses in the local plaza is Crystalline Awaken Healing Arts Center, 67 West Boylston St., a sanctuary of spiritual and physical rejuvenation, education, and healing.

While the physical location is new, owner and practitioner Tina Brigitini shared that the concept is 15 years in the making.

"I have always wanted to work with people, to support them on an emotional level. When I looked at putting this all together, this place found me,'' she mused.

The center brings together the culmination of Ms. Brigitini's many years of study and teaching of polarity therapy, which she described as the use of specific techniques and touch to address health and well-being and to find balance with the parasympathetic nervous system.

"Everything I continue to study and bring here is a result of the work I began doing years ago,'' Ms. Brigitini said.

This includes studies and teaching in spirituality, metaphysical science, wellness coaching, enzyme nutrition, hypnosis, and meditation. In addition to her extensive educational background, she is the former owner of the Crystalline Matrix in Auburn and conducted business in Sturbridge and Shrewsbury over the past 13 years.

Crystalline Awaken Healing Arts Center offers teaching and learning experiences for men, women, and children of all ages.

There are classes and in Thai yoga bodywork, massage therapy, meditation, oils, hypnosis, and enzyme replacement therapy as well as a lecture series that focuses on personal and professional growth.

"People are looking for alternative ways to take care of themselves,'' Ms. Brigitini said. "They want to feel good about who they are.''

At the new center, she also intends to begin training and coaching others in therapeutic techniques.

"That's why this (opportunity) has become so big. I need to start training practitioners. I think this is the time in my life to teach people to help others,'' she said.

One of the center's major features is floatation therapy, a sensory isolation experience in which an individual enters a specialized tank filled with 600 to 800 pounds of Epsom salt and nine inches of water. The tank is void of environmental stimuli -- such as light and sound -- as well as a sense of time. An individual can easily float on the water as a result of the salt solution.

Among the benefits of floatation therapy is the ability to raise brain functioning to higher levels and to create a sense of calm for the body, mind, and spirit.

Sessions are offered in 50- and 80-minute intervals.

"No two floats are the same, and are unique to the individual and where they are at the moment,'' Ms. Brigitini said. "Some people go deep spiritually and connect with another part of themselves. Some stay in the present.''

According to Ms. Brigitini, construction for the floatation tank at the West Boylston center should be complete by March, at which time float sessions will begin being offered there.

Crystalline Awaken also offers Empowered Yoga for children based on the techniques and movements used in polarity yoga.

According to Ms. Brigitini, this form of yoga teaches children how to release pent up emotions in their body through sound and movement.

"It empowers them to know that there is a place to put the emotion they are experiencing if it isn't serving them.''

Ms. Brigitini is optimistic that many people will not only find their way to Crystalline Awaken Healing Arts Center, but that it will open a new pathway in their lives.

"It's all about helping people be the best they can be naturally, and fulfilling their blueprint in this lifetime.''

For more information on Crystalline Awaken Healing Arts Center call 508-612-7488 or see the website at
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Author:Costello, Carol
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Date:Feb 1, 2015
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