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New capability provides email updates to deployers.

Airmen getting ready to deploy have a new capability to help them prepare for their tasking. A recent change to the Air Force Reporting Instruction Tool now allows users to sign-up for instant email notifications when they occur.

Prior to the change, members had to check the website often to ensure they had current information.

"Reporting instructions change frequently," said Kathy Keane, an operations assessment specialist with the Air and Space Expeditionary Force and Personnel Operations at the Air Force Personnel Center. "There were occasions when units did not have the updated version, and that could have resulted in the individual not being prepared for the deployment."

The new change also helps out installation deployment officers and unit deployment managers as well. By signing up for the instant notifications, users will receive an email as soon as changes occur to reporting instructions. irmen getting ready to deploy have a new capability to help them pre

Customers wanting to sign-up for AFRIT email notifications should log on to AEF Online at and click the AFRIT button at the top of the page. Users can then select which reporting instructions they would like to receive notifications on. (Jon Hanson, Air Force Personnel Services and Manpower public affairs, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas)
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Publication:Citizen Airman
Date:Feb 1, 2012
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