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New canned stout yields "authentic" Pub Draught Guinness in the U.S.

In the ultimate marriage of art and science, the brewers and technicians at Guinness have collaborated to produce the authentic taste of Draught Guinness in a can.

The challenge, according to Guinness, lay in duplicating, in a can, the break-out of mixed gas (nitrogen and carbon dioxide), which forms the characteristic creamy head found on Draught Guinness served in bars.

The creation of the "in-can" system took more than five years of research and development. Guinness reported that the secret is a plastic device, referred to as the "smoothifier," which is a small compartment in the bottom of the can. When a can is opened, a "geyser" of gas bubbles escapes from the compartment causing further agitation in the beer, and resulting in a creamy head formation.

Originally available in the United Kingdom since 1988, Pub Draught Guinness will be launched this fall in selected U.S. test markets, including Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Chicago and San Francisco.

"Guinness has created a unique patented process to provide consumers with an unparalleled drinking experience," said Declan Maguire, Guinness Import Co.'s group marketing director. "The Pub Draught Guinness experience is an interactive experience that allows true beer aficionados to sculpt their own pint of beer."

Maguire also noted that Guinness Import Co. will support the launch with an advertising campaign that will run in newspapers and magazines, along with a strong public relations push. Each of the new ads will feature the tagline, "Hard to Believe, Easy to Swallow."

"Everything we do for Pub Draught Guinness is designed to offer consumers a compelling reason to try the experience of Pub Draught Guinness," Maguire said. "On- and off-premise accounts are offered an exciting way to achieve high profit margins while offering their clientele a completely different beer drinking experience. It is truly unique."

PHOTO : SPECIAL "IN-CAN" TECHNOLOGY led to the launch of Pub Draught Guinness. The pasteurized stout utilizes a "smoothifier" to dispense a product that is similar to Draught Guinness found in taverns.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 11, 1991
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