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New calibration manual hits the street.

The new NAVAIR 17-35FR-06, Facility Requirements for Navy and Marine Corps Calibration Laboratories, has been released. It supercedes the NAVAIR 17-35FR-01, 02, 03, 04, and 05 series manuals. This new version compiles the old manuals and offers new updates and changes to calibration-facility requirements. The new pub currently is available to all cal labs with an account at the METCAL website ( If you download the manual, make sure the CTPL is notified so the pub can be added to your workcenter's technical-publication list. This manual is not available from the NATEC website.

The updated pub includes overall laboratory-design requirements and environmental controls, including particle contamination and the usual humidity and temperature requirements. The calibration-area tables have sections for AC and DC, physical and mechanical, dimensional and optical, including fiber-optic standards. The appendices cover applicable instructions, MIL standards, and references for calibration. They also provide general and utility requirements for ships and mobilemaintenance facilities.

I recommend all cal labs obtain and read this manual to make sure the new procedures and requirements concerning calibration facilities are reviewed and implemented.

Senior Chief Clark was an analyst at the Naval Safely Center. He recently transferred to USS Harry S. Truman. His brother, ATCS(AW/SW) Brian Clark, is our new analyst.
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Title Annotation:Maintenance Management
Author:Clark, David D.
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Date:Dec 22, 2003
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