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New calculator makes complex real estate investment problems easier.

Featured in New Product Technology Showcase of the 1993 REALTOR Show, Calculated Industries is introducing a unique new calculator that solves even the most complex financial problems in less time, with fewer keystrokes, than any other calculator. It's the Real Estate Master III Investor Plus - the only calculator designed expressly for real estate professionals, trust deed investors, investment advisors, mortgage brokers or anyone who works with financial investment analysis.

Previewed by the real estate industry at the show in Miami in November, convention-goers welcomed this handheld professional tool, created in response to requests for a calculator that simplifies advanced investment calculations. Investor Plus fills this void, answering questions about Trust Deeds, Cash Flow, Depreciation, etc., far more easily than the complex financial calculators now commonly used.

With this innovative calculator, investors can handily investigate "what if" scenarios when working with Trust Deeds and Discounted Notes. Clearly-labeled keys solve for Present and Future Value, Total Amount of Payments, Yield from an Entered Price and Price from an Entered Yield - all without having to re-enter the original loan amount or interest.

Featuring easy-entry Cash Flow keys, Investor Plus allows users to enter up to 99 occurrences of 20 different cash flows; then calculate Net Present Values, Net Future Values, Internal Rates of Return and Modified Internal Rates of Return. And unlike other financial calculators, it automatically computes the initial investment as a negative value. This eliminates the need to enter negative figures, except when an entry represents an actual loss.

Built-in functions for calculating depreciation based on Present, Salvage and Lifetime Value may be determined using three different methods: Straight Line, Declining Balance and Sum of Years' Digits. By combining Cash Flow operations with these depreciation features, investors may fully evaluate almost any investment opportunity.

Investor Plus also features easy solutions for Odd Days Interest, APR, Date Math, Bi-weekly Payments and Terms, and Beginning or End of Period Loans (Leases, Bank Accounts). It can amortize loans, or compute depreciation, beginning with any calendar month, and it can quickly compute the weighted average of appraised properties. In addition, Investor Plus functions as a standard math calculator with Memory, Percent and Auto Shut-off.

Investor Plus features a clear, oversized display screen and large keys for ease of use. It is now available from Calculated Industries for $99.95, and will soon be available through office-product dealers and catalogers, nation-wide.

For further information on the new Investor Plus, or any of the firm's other specialty calculators and electronic devices, write to: Calculated Industries,Inc., 22720 Savi Ranch Parkway; Yorba Linda, CA 92687. Or call toll-free in the Continental U.S., 1-800-854-8075.
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Title Annotation:Calculated Industries' Real Estate Master III Investor Plus calculator
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Article Type:Product Announcement
Date:May 4, 1994
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