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New businesses.

A Listing of Business Start-Ups in Arkansas


Owner: Todd Holcomb Address: 11601 W. Markham St., Little Rock, 72211 Telephone: 225-2212 Start-up date: July 7

Todd Holcomb says he was basically fed up with the dry cleaners business, so he decided to start his own.

"Everything that ever made me mad at a dry cleaners, we've considered and are avoiding here," says Holcomb, 27, who maintains another full-time job in sales.

Holcomb says that while other dry cleaners in his immediate vicinity are geared toward a fast turnaround, Little Rock Drycleaner takes an opposite approach.

"We'll take our time, do a class job. Our motto is 'quality professional service,' and we back it with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee."

The business offers delivery and pick-up service and monthly billing for corporate and personal accounts. The location has a drive-through window.

Holcomb says he hopes to open a second location to include a plant, also in west Little Rock, in six to eight months.

Stan Fisher, a veteran in the dry cleaning business and president of the Rosedale Optimist Club, is the store's manager.


Owner: Ammonia Hold Inc., Matt Hoff, president Address: 900 S. Shackleford Road, Little Rock, 72211 Telephone: 221-0613 Start-up date: July 25

Ammonia Hold Inc. of Little Rock has introduced a new product line to retailers and consumers called Odor Halt. The product is the same in chemical composition as the company's original product to eliminate farm animal odors, but it's now produced in a smaller form to be used to combat domestic pet odors.

Eliminating smells is not the only benefit of Odor Halt. With the odor eliminated, litter boxes don't need to be changed as often, thus saving the consumer money, says Mike Parnell, the company's spokesman and chief financial officer.

Those who have tried the product also report it can be used to remove other odors from enclosed spaces like closets or automobiles.

The product is now on sale in the pet department of Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Also, the company expects by next month to have Odor Halt available for sale in an aerosol form.

Ammonia Hold was patented in 1989. Parnell and his associates purchased the patent from the original developer in 1990 and developed a pellet-size product for farm use. After extensive test marketing, the group discovered it could be converted into a domestic product by using a smaller form.

AHI has one plant in Little Rock located in the airport industrial area and has drawn up plans for a larger plant to be built during the next year. The product currently is shipped in bulk to Kansas City, Mo., where it is packaged in smaller containers for sale.


Owner: Barbara Camp Address: 2518 Suite No. 5 Riverfront Drive, Little Rock, 72202 Telephone: 663-9383 Start-up date: July 25

Barbara Camp's new business, B.C. Type, is as versatile as she is. She can write or redo resumes, construct flyers and brochures, do manuscripts, graphics and more.

With 20 years' experience and all the necessary equipment, she is prepared to create a professional product.

Camp is also targeting the legal profession for her transcription capabilities.

Her past activities include work for a printing company and work with the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission.


Owners: Fran Fields and David Williams Address: 9700 Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, 72207 Telephone: 224-6833 Start-up date: April 28

The Renaissance Center Associates, which is new to Arkansas, hopes to capitalize on the state's fever for the business buzzword of the '90s: total quality management.

The 5-year-old business, part of a consortium within the insurance industry called Formula Group, is headquartered in Philadelphia.

Owners David Williams and Fran Fields, husband and wife, recently moved to Little Rock from Philadelphia.

"Arkansas is so much ahead of most other states in total quality management, we saw it as a great opportunity," Fields says. "We see a lot more of it |TQM~ here than we saw in Philadelphia."

The company consults on quality issues. It helps businesses refine a mission or vision statement and works with companies on customer focus and employee empowerment.

"It's all about the process," Fields says. "If we can make the process effective, then all other things will fall into place."

Renaissance has done work throughout the country with power names like Stanford University and Temple University; the Wyatt Co., a national actuarial firm; and ARCO. Locally, the firm is talking with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Williams is a former senior vice president with CIGNA, and Fields was a director of finance for that company.

The couple also owns and operates Little Rock's Com-Cep Learning Centers, a computer instruction business with locations in west Little Rock and downtown.


Owner: Troy W. Cole Address: 42 Crape Myrtle Place, Little Rock, 72209 Telephone: 455-6166 Start-up date: July 22

Troy Cole wants to do your dirty work.

The 29-year-old public administrator for the City of Little Rock has started a residential and commercial pressure washing business. With his equipment, which pumps 3,500-4,000 pounds of water pressure per square inch, he can blast grime, mold and mildew off concrete, brick, wood decks and siding.

"It's amazing," says Cole, who was convinced of the company's viability when he saw what the equipment could do. "It restores surfaces to like-new condition."

He's already done several residences and the Jacuzzi plant entrance on Interstate 30.

Cole, who gives free estimates, says the cost for his service depends on the size and condition of a building. Residential costs range from $35 to several hundred dollars.
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Date:Aug 16, 1993
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