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New buildings in Houston.

Designed as a sustainable or "green" building, the new home for the University of Texas School of Nursing at Houston has won tire Citation of Honor from the American Institute of Architects-Houston for its environmentally responsible features. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new building took place in June.

Situated among busy streets, hospitals, and parking garages, the building benefits from important features designed to reduce energy' consumption to 46 percent less than current energy codes. Innovative use of natural daylight, new techniques in window glazing and sun control devices, an underfloor air distribution system, and individualized temperature controls were all integrated into the design. In addition, water-recovery tanks and troughs collect rainwater from the roof and sides of the building In make the facility largely' self-sufficient for irrigation and toilet flushing. An onsite waste treatment unit and roof-mounted photovoltaic system for power generation max be constructed in the future.

The facade of the UT building uses many recycled materials, including wood siding made of sinker cypress hauled from the bottom of the Mississippi River and red bricks reclaimed from a 19th century warehouse in San Antonio. Fly-ash (a waste byproduct of coal-burning power plants) is used in place of Portland cement.

Texas Women's University, also in Houston, will begin construction next year on a new campus in the Texas Medical Center. TWU participated in a land swap with Methodist Hospital and expects to double enrolment to 3,000 students.
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Title Annotation:What's new at your school of nursing?
Publication:Nursing Education Perspectives
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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