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New brochure on molding and millwork.

Over the last decade, United States consumption of molding and millwork has more than doubled with imports of raw material and finished products taking a rapidly expanding share. With supply outpacing demand, domestic and offshore producers are being forced to redefine their product mix and service functions to remain competitive. This report addresses the strategic implications of where all this domestic and offshore production will be consumed, through what channels will it be distributed, and what market share will the various end-use segments have of United States consumption. Coverage includes an extensive review of the Southern Hemisphere plantation pine countries, including long-term outlooks for the expanding timber harvest, lumber output as well as moldings and millwork products. The report has numerous five-year forecasts on supply and demand trends by product as well as price forecasts. To view a copy of the brochure, visit, or contact Melinda Kozma of R.E. Taylor & Associates/International Wood Markets Research Inc. at 604-801-5996; E-mail:
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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