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New boss at NCNA: three-year deal for former prosecutor and ethics leader.

An attorney who has won cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and created a nonprofit to advise and teach other nonprofits on ethics will be the next leader of the National Council of Nonprofit Associations (NCNA).

Tim Delaney, a former Solicitor General and Chief Deputy Attorney General in Arizona, will become the executive director of NCNA effective July 7. He will replace Audrey Alvarado, who has led NCNA since 1999 and announced in late March she would be leaving the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit. Delaney will earn an annual salary of $160,000 under a three-year contract.

Delaney interviewed before the full NCNA board the night before being introduced during an NCNA membership meeting as members gathered for the second Nonprofit Congress at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. He was among four finalists for the post.

The president of the Phoenix, Ariz.-based Center for Leadership, Ethics & Public Service, Delaney was instrumental in creating the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits several years ago and has been a senior advisor to NCNA, helping in the early planning of the Nonprofit Congress in late 2004.

Prior to establishing the center in 2001, Delaney was chief deputy attorney general and appointed Arizona's solicitor general in 1995. He also is a national Training Fellow for the nonpartisan Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest (CLPI) in Washington, D.C. and an adjunct professor at Arizona State University's School of Public Affairs and Nonprofit Management.

Delaney has the ability and bold vision to shape the next chapter of NCNA's existence, according to Patrick McWhorter, president and CEO of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and a member of the NCNA board's search committee. "Tim is visionary," McWhorter said, adding that his inspirational message is a big reason why the alliance has the support it does in Arizona.

Delaney composed a report for the Arizona Community Foundation in 2003 on the scope of the nonprofit sector in Arizona. "Arizona's Nonprofit Sector: The Spirit of Arizona" served as the basis for establishing the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits.

Born in Indiana, Delaney grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and earned an undergraduate degree in political science and American studies from Yale University. He earned a law and public affairs degree from the University of Texas Law School.

"The most important thing a leader does is listen," Delaney said, and so he'll be conducting a "proactive listening tour," talking to nonprofits and stakeholders to help "fashion a bold vision."

The sector needs a "major paradigm shift," Delaney said. "Nonprofits traditionally got together, live in our own separate silos, and the conversations are by us, about us and among us." Nonprofits must build bridges to business and government, he said, to foster greater understanding.

"We need to be champions for the nonprofit community in terms of advocacy, not just legislative lobbying," but recognizing the full range of advocacy activities, be it judicial, administrative, legislative, whatever, whenever, federal, state, local, school, said Delaney.

"Nonprofits create that space for people to come together," Delaney said. "Nonprofits have a special role."
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Title Annotation:LEADERSHIP
Author:Hrywna, Mark
Publication:The Non-profit Times
Date:Jun 15, 2008
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