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New books.

A Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy Frank Wijen, Jan Pieters, eds. Northampton, MA:Edward Elgar, 2005. 768 pp. ISBN: 1-84376-913-1, $229.50

Biological and Pharmaceutical Nanomatarials Challa S.S.R. Kumar, ed. Hoboken, NJ:John Wiley & Sons, 2006. 427 pp. ISBN: 3-527-31382-6, $195

Cancer Bioinformatics--From Therapy Design to Treatment Sylvia Nagl, ed. Hoboken, NJ:John Wiley & Sons, 2006, 288 pp. ISBN: 0-470-86304-8, $130

Cancer Cell Structures, Carcinogens and Genomic Instability Leon P. Bignold, ed. New York:Springer, 2006. 375 pp. ISBN: 3-7643-7156-0, $159

Challenged Earth: An Overview of Humanity's Stewardship of Earth Stephen F. Lincoln Hackensack, NJ:World Scientific Publishing Co., 2006. 548 pp. ISBN: 1-86094-526-0, $59

Environmental and Health Risk Assessment and Management Paolo F. Ricci New York:Springer, 2006. 478 pp. ISBN: 1.4020-3775-9, $159

Environmental Exposure and Health M.M. Aral, C.A. Brebbia M.L. Maslia, T. Sinks Billerica, MA:WIT Press, 2005. 528 pp. ISBN: 1-84564-02%2, $325

Environmental Health Risk III CA. Brebbia, V. Popov, D. Fayzieva, eels. Billerica MA:WIT Press, 2005. 528 pp. ISBN: 1-84564-026-8. $325

Environmental Security and Environmental Management: The Role of Risk Assessment [NATO Security through Science Series] Benoit Morel, Igor Linkov, eds. New York:Springer, 2006. 325 pp. ISBN: 1-4020-3891-7, $159

Genome Exploitation: Data Mining the Genome J. Perry Gustafson, ed. New York:Springer, 2006. 252 pp. ISBN: 0-387-24123-X, $129

Handbook of Global Environmental Politics Peter Dauvergne, ed Northampton, MA:Edward Elgar. 2005. 560 pp. ISBN: 1-84376-466-0, $193.50

Hazardous Chemicals in Products and Processes: Substitution as an Innovative Process A. Ahrens, A. Braun, A. V. Gleich, K Heitmann, L. Lissner New York:Springer, 2006. 152 pp. ISBN: 3-7908-1642-6, $64.95

Nature Not Mocked: Places, People and Science Peter Day Hackensack, NJ:World Scientific Publishing Co., 2006. 200 pp. ISBN: 1-86094-576-7, $48

Policymaking for a Good Society: The Social Fabric Matrix Approach to Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation F. Gregory Hayden New York:Springer, 2006. 251 pp. ISBN: 0-387-29369-8, $84.95

Principles of Toxicology, 2nd ed. Karen Stine, Thomas M. Brown Boca Raton, FL:CRC Press, 2006. 392 pp. ISBN: 0-8493-2856-X. $79.95

Proteomics and Protein-Protein Interactions: Biology, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, and Drug Design Gabriel Waksman, ed. New York:Springer, 2006. 324 pp, ISBN: 0-387-24531-6, $139

The ABCs of Gene Cloning, 2nd ed, Dominic W.S. Wong New York:Springer, 2006. 260 pp. ISBN: 0-387-28663-2, $39.95

The Implicit Genome Lynn Helena Caporale, ed New York:Oxford University Press, 2006. 336 pp. ISBN: 0-19-517270-1, $99

The Nanotech Pioneers: Where Are They Taking Us? Steven A. Edwards Hoboken, NJ:John Wiley & Sons, 2006. 254 pp. ISBN: 3-527-31290-0, $35

Understanding Industrial Transformation: Views from Different Disciplines Xander Olsthoorn, Anna J. Wieczorek, eds. New York:Springer, 2006. 226 pp. ISBN: 1-4020-3755-4, $109
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Title Annotation:Announcements
Publication:Environmental Health Perspectives
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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