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New book hopes to give American women in their rightful place in history.


New York Times editorial editor Gail Collins, has drawn together a team of historians and researchers to re-establish the role of the women who forged America into a nation.

In a comprehensive 556 page volume entitled 'America's Women', Collins tells the stories of the famous (Pocahontas, Abigail Adams) and the not so famous (teacher Prudence Crandall whose school was perpetually under siege because she dared to teacher black children). Women who allegedly did not get the recognition for their part they played in American history.

Out now on Morrow, priced USD27.95, 'America's Women' is a start in filling in a gap in American history that needs to be repaired, reports the Chicago Tribune.
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Title Annotation:Morrow releases 'America's Women' from Gail Collins
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Date:Nov 7, 2003
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