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New book discusses wholesaler-customer relations.

A new book from the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) discusses the need for continuing dialog between distributors and customers. The book was published by the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors' Distribution Research and Education Foundation (DREF). "Starting with two of the most crucial issues facing wholesale distribution today, the book initiates a dialog with customers that leads to surprising opinions and offers a strategy the reader can use in building on the author's findings," the NAW publications group reports.

Through exhaustive telephone interviews and follow-up mailed surveys, Mark Dancer, Principal at Frank Lynn & Associates, Chicago, examines opinions from customers on the subjects of e-commerce and fee-based services as offered by wholesaler-distributors. "His methodology is as important as his conclusions," NAW reports, "because the interviewing techniques he uses can be employed by distributors themselves as they attempt to implement or improve their own market research plan of attack."

"The Wholesale Distribution Customer Speaks" reports changes in customers' knowledge of e-commerce and fee-based services, as well as their willingness to consider and eventually adopt these new approaches to the distributor-customer relationship. Mr. Dancer contends that truly meaningful customer input cannot come from casual give-and-take of the type that can occur during a typical sales call. Rather, he says, the effort must be planned out thoroughly and announced as what it is: a fact-finding mission. Then he offers tips on how to make it happen.

Says J. Michael Moore, Applied Industrial Technologies, Cleveland, Ohio, author of the book's preface, "The book suggests questions, analytical tools and planning methods that distributors can use right away to start their own dialog with customers. This book is focused on business results."

The book, titled "The Wholesale Distribution Customer Speaks" is now available through the NAW books website, A 5% discount applies to all online orders. Prices are as follows: NAW Direct Member, $80; Member of NAW Member Association, $90; Non-Member, $100.
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Date:Jun 25, 2001
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