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New blow moulding machine said to improve bottle quality.

Sidel has launched a linear blow moulding machine said to improve bottle quality.

The SBO Compact2 is said to be industrially improved and more robust while performing even better because of electrical stretching.

According to Sidel, the final quality of the bottle is determined by the quality of preform stretch-blowing using bi-orientation. Throughout the process, the aim is to ensure maximum process precision and repetitiveness, while obtaining optimal production speed.

To improve the process, Sidel developed a new stretch-blowing system for the preform. Traditionally, the pneumatic process uses hydraulic actuators to drive the vertical movement of the stretching rod. This was replaced by an electrical process by installing a servomotor and ballscrew assembly.

Sidel states the new stretching console provides many benefits, such as enabling constant control of the stretching position and speed, which ensures perfect repetitiveness of the process. The production is also said to be more flexible: it works for a variety of bottle sizes because it is no longer necessary during format changeovers to manually adjust the pre-blowing and blowing start detectors. Finally, Sidel claims the maximum stretching speed increases from 1- 1.3 m per second, enabling higher production speeds.

In addition to electrical stretching, further developments improving reliability are said to include preform feeding and Human Machine Interface (HMI). The machine is claimed to be more productive due to new, longer orienting rollers that secure preform stability and infeed fluidity. Additional panel functions are said to make the machines more ergonomical for operators and format changeovers are now easier to carry out because the stretching parameters are managed directly from the HMI and no longer within the machine.

Sidel states that whatever the product, be it water, carbonated soft drinks, dairy products, detergents or cosmetics, the SBO Compact2 can blow simple or standard shapes using either PET or other plastics from 0.2-10 litre containers. It can also manage the blow moulding of complex packaging, such as asymmetric shapes or flat containers, through the heating process with a possible neck orientation.

As a natural evolution of the SBO Compact range, Sidel states the new SBO Compact2 linear blow-moulders, which includes the SBO 4, SBO 4 PH, SBO 3 XL SBO 3 PH and SBO 2 XXL PH, now run at speeds ranging from 2,400 to 7,200 bottles per hour. All SBO Compact2 blowers are said to systematically benefit from a 100-hour mechanical run-off as a minimum, including one-hour bottle production.

As part of these continued improvements, Sidel states it is working to increase the process capabilities further to manage any type of container, including wide-mouth jars and heat resistant packages.


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Comment:New blow moulding machine said to improve bottle quality.(BLOW MOULDING)
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Date:Mar 1, 2012
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