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New blast at 'hollow' Tory boss.


LABOUR launched its fiercest attack yet on David Cameron yesterday - branding the Tory leader "a hollow salesman".

The onslaught from Chancellor Gordon Brown's treasury minister Ed Balls reflects Labour alarm about the Tories' growing support.

It follows a You Gov poll of Labour supporters that revealed a huge 71 per cent want Tony Blair to quit as PM before the party's 2007 autumn conference and more than a third want him out in three months.

In a speech to 1,000 Compass activists at a memorial conference for late Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, Ball accused Cameron of "hypocrisy" and hiding his aims to slash public spending.

He vowed: "We will not just expose his sound bites and slogans, his logos, stunts and hollow salesmanship, but the same old Conservatism rebranded with a new gloss.

"It prefers a minimal state and investment cuts that leaves the poorest and weakest dependent on charity."
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 18, 2006
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