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New battery hydrometers for the fleet.

EMC(SS/SW) Seplak

There is a new digital hydrometer on the way to the fleet that NAVSEA and GNB have tested and approved for taking specific gravity's on the submarine main storage battery. It is a computerized handheld unit that is manufactured by Anton Paar. To use this unit the plastic tube is inserted into the battery and a small amount of electrolyte is drawn up for testing. The reading is automatically temperature corrected and then can be stored in the memory. After the entire battery is done the readings can be download to a computer for use in a spreadsheet for the battery records. According to the authorization message from NAVSURFWARCENDIV Crane 241214Z MAY 01 (NOTAL) these units require calibration annually. The model DMA35N (temporary NSN 1H 0099-LL-H55-6510) is listed the AEL (1-911393001), and NAVSEA will incorporate this in the next revision of NSTM 223.

The Trident community has been issued the new meters, and the fast attacks will be issued theirs sometime in the first quarter of CY02. The submarine squadrons and PMTs are currently being trained on the proper use and maintenance of this equipment. After the initial issuance of these new meters by the type commanders, each submarine will be required to have two of the new DMA35N's onboard as well as two old style hydrometers of each range for back-up purposes (one of these being a reference). NAVSEA is currently working on a procedure to use this equipment on testing EOG electrolyte, but currently the DMA35N can only be used on the submarine main storage batteries.

If you have any question about these new hydrometers contact EMCS(SS) Page (SUBLANT electrician) at (757) 836-1260 (DSN 564); or EMCM(SS) Frampus (SUBPAC electrician) at (808) 473-5577 Ext. 103 (DSN 315).
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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